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success story of mike tyson

Success Story Of Mike Tyson – Millionaire Mind

        Childhood   Mike Tyson was born on June 30, 1966, in Brooklyn, New York City. He was raised in a neighborhood that was famous for high...
Success Story of Albert Enistine

Success Story Of Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein was a German-born physicist, who has given a theory of relativity, quantum mechanics and a lot more. His work is known as...
Elon Musk Success Story

Elon Musk Success Story

Elon Musk, a man with great talent. His life is full of surprises, with his new idea he always proved himself the best with...


7-Rules-to follow-while creating-a-Wikipedia-page.docx

7 Rules for creating a Wikipedia page

Slowly and gradually, Wikipedia is replacing the traditional encyclopedia in homes. But did you know that this collaborative site - whose content...


We all want to realize our dreams, to be happy, to make our ideas a reality, to be successful in our projects. And yet...

How the relationship between Bill Gates and Paul Allen Tarnished?

Paul Allen was born in 1953 in Seattle, in the United States. This is where he meets Bill Gates, in elementary school. The two...


28 Tips of success from Richard Branson

At the head of an empire estimated at more than $ 4.9 billion, Richard Branson is seventh among the wealthiest entrepreneurs in the United...

4 Examples Of Entrepreneurs Who Show That You Can Start From...

Under the motto across the Atlantic of “self-made men”, many entrepreneurs have succeeded without having the basic financial means. Starting from nothing, they imposed...

Billionaires Who Stayed Modest

What will you do if you have a billion dollars in your pocket? Organize a party, make your money grow? Here are billionaires rather...


6 non-medical tips for dealing with depression

Depression is a particularly powerful feeling, which can completely isolate and disarm us. Getting out is an obstacle course, but it is not impossible....

The Health Benefits Of Meditation

How can breathing and relaxation help cure everyday ailments? Cosmo tells you all about the benefits of meditation and teaches you how to meditate...

The Best Tips And Advice For A Happy And Lasting Marriage

Each marriage has its issues, which can emerge anytime. The significant thing is to figure out how to manage it tenderly and before they...


Boost your mood with motivational songs

According to modern research, music helps in promoting a positive impact on human performance and behavior, affecting our thought patterns and overall...

How to have a good relationship with yourself

“Loving yourself is the beginning of a love story that will last a lifetime”. Oscar Wilde   Perhaps you have already read or heard these quotes...

What is the effect of music in the workplace

Can we stimulate a positive attitude and performance? Does it distract or on the contrary stimulate concentration? What kinds of music are most beneficial? Performance...


20 Lady Gaga Quotes That Will Encourage You

An astounding artist inspired by rock artists like David Bowie and Freddie Mercury, she owns an extraordinary style. Haus Of Gaga, a production house...

15 Quotes By Wayne Gretzky To Work Harder On Your Goals

Wayne Gretzky is a professional Canadian ice hockey player and is also former head coach. From 1979-1999 he has played 20 seasons for 4...

15 The Shawshank Redemption Quotes On Freedom and Hope

The Shawshank Redemption is an American movie which is written by Frank Darabont based on the story of Stephen King. This movie is about...