10 Motivational Quotes- Courage & Strength

A Lion Does not lose sleep over the opinion of a sheep

Everybody needs the motivation to achieve something in life. It can be done by speaking, posting pictures, quotes etc. We live in a world where the world is filled with depression, anxiety and a lot of other problems and in this world, you need more motivation and inspiration on a daily basis which could help you to feel better and work better to the maximum potential.


Life is full of ups and downs but one should not be discouraged when it’s a bad time going on. You may be emotionally down but you have to remind your self of the strength and courage you have inside to fight with such downs of your life. You have to show the world that you can go through it because with time it will pass and ease will come. In life, if you suffer too much which means you strength and courage is too much because you have handled such bad times in a better way.


Well if you have dreams you want to hunt down, you have to risk for it. You have to hunt your dreams and goals like a lion do to catch its prey.


Here are 10 motivational quotes to boost and give you a thought to move forward and achieve your goals.


“Attack your goals like your life depends on it”.



The devil whispers “you can’t withstand the storm”. 
The worrier replied “I am the storm”



“Everyone wants to eat but few are willing to hunt”



“I have the heart of a lion, the strength of ten and
the desire of a thousand men”



Hunt your dream By Les Brown – Motivational Video:




“A lion sleeps in the heart of every brave man”




“Are you going to be a lion or sheep
A leader or A Follower”




“It’s not over until I win”




“I had rather live a one day as a lion than 1000 years of a sheep”




“A lion does not lose sleep over the opinion of a sheep”




“If you are in the way of my goals and dreams, I suggest you move”




  1. Very valuable information, it is not at all blogs that we find this, congratulations I was looking for something like that and found it here.

  2. Thanks you Sir your Efforts really motivates me. I hope my appreciation motivates you to make more inspirational stuff’s Bless you from bottom of my Heart


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