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Health is the most precious good we can have. To preserve it, you must above all adopt a healthy lifestyle on a daily basis, but also you must take charge of your health and be well-protected thanks to daily medical support.

Tips-for Staying Healthy

Here are 10 essential tips for staying healthy:

1- Sleep a lot!

One of the best remedies for good health is a good night’s sleep. It gives you more energy, keeps you focused and helps you manage stress. Get into the habit of sleeping seven to eight hours a night, and seek advice from a health care professional if you have trouble sleeping.
If you get a good night’s sleep, you’ll stay in shape all day and no longer need caffeine or sugar-laden energy drinks.

2- Drink lots of water!

Water is a vital element for the body. It is generally recommended to drink one to two liters per day. The feeling of thirst is already a sign of dehydration. It is therefore important to distribute your water consumption throughout the day, it keeps your body in working order all day long.  On hot days or when you exercise, you should, of course, increase this amount. Not drinking enough water causes acne breakouts, headaches and of course all the symptoms related to dehydration.

3- Eat more fruits and vegetables!

Eating well helps you stay fit, feel good, and keep your weight down. It also reduces the risk of heart disease, heart attack, cancer, and other serious conditions.

Fruits and vegetables are indeed essential to our diet. Try to eat 5 to 9 fruits and vegetables a day. If that seems difficult to you, prepare mixed salads, fruit salads, eat fruit at the 10 am break, as a snack or for dessert, vegetables as an accompaniment to your main dishes. Also avoid eating too much fat, too sweet, too salty as this reduces your risk of heart disease and stroke.

4- Play sports!

Avoid sitting all day: get up and move! A sedentary lifestyle promotes health problems, such as obesity or back pain. Take regular breaks and walk to oxygenate your body and improve your concentration.

If you are not a big sportsman at heart, try at least to do a few simple exercises each day or find a sport which is practiced with several and which would make you spend good moments with your friends or your family. The sport will help you feel better physically but also mentally.

5- Give yourself moments of total relaxation!

Stress is bad for your health. It can cause migraines, weight gain, sleep disturbances, digestive problems, depression, or cause serious illness. Stress is a reaction of our body to interactions with the outside. Learn to hang up, relax and breathe.

Lie down or sit in the dark, calm, silent. Do nothing and try to think of nothing. Stay around fifteen minutes to release your stress and relax completely. You will find that you will feel much better after these short relaxation sessions.

6- Do what you love!
Play, go swimming or jump on a trampoline! Taking the time to do what you love will help keep you happy and happy. If you’ve had a bad day at work or at school, get on your bike and kick out your rage and stress! Doing what we love is not only fun or entertaining, it also allows us to be ourselves, which is essential to our happiness, and our happiness obviously influences our health!

7- Laugh and smile!
Smiling and staying happy will make you look younger and it will only do you good anyway. It has also been scientifically proven that laughing a lot is good for your health (it is even said to prolong life expectancy!).

Take the time to savor every moment of life, do enjoyable activities and enjoy the company of your friends and family members. You don’t need a special occasion to brighten your day. And keep in mind this quote from Voltaire: “I decided to be happy because it’s good for health. ”

8- Be good about yourself!

Do not underestimate yourself and do not devalue yourself. Love yourself and trust yourself. Be proud of yourself! A little self-satisfaction will only do you good! Remember: morale affects health!

Stress and anxiety can also be a source of neuro-vegetative discomfort and cause or perpetuate behavioral problems (smoking, alcoholism, bulimia, anorexia, drug abuse, and drug addiction). In the extreme, in vulnerable individuals, this mental overload leads to depression and mental confusion.

9- Take charge of your health
To help you maintain your health, register on a health site that will allow you online medical support, to answer your questions and help you better manage your health.

10-Stop smoking

It is never too late to quit smoking. As soon as you do, the risk of heart disease decreases quickly. After a few years, they are almost as low as if you had never smoked. Ask your health care professional for advice on ways to quit smoking.


We all want to be healthy and live as long as possible. To achieve this, it is essential to adopt the right gestures on a daily basis. To stay healthy physically and mentally, we need to change our lifestyles. We need to incorporate healthy eating habits with physical activity to promote longevity.

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