28 Tips of success from Richard Branson


At the head of an empire estimated at more than $ 4.9 billion, Richard Branson is seventh among the wealthiest entrepreneurs in the United Kingdom. He built with his own hands the Virgin Group, a multinational grouping more than 400 large companies. Eager to share the why and the how of his exceptional success, we have managed to gather the 25 tips from this great businessman for the entrepreneur in action, or in the making, that you are.

His name is known all over the world because the verb to succeed sticks to his skin.

He was even knighted by the Queen of England.

And we should now call him Sir Richard Branson. The founder of Virgin gives 25 tips for entrepreneurs who want to succeed.

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  1. An entrepreneur must choose an area that he likes

Richard Branson is a big fan of this quote which he does not fail to remind everyone: “do what you love and you will not have to work a single day of your life”. In other words, by choosing a job and a field that you are passionate about, you will have enough motivation to get rid of the constraints related to work. You will be more comfortable and more inclined to work hard.

  1. Climb the ladder

Virgin Group was born in a small basement in West London. Admittedly, you need ambition, but don’t skip any steps. As they say, to conquer without danger, you triumph without glory!

  1. Take risks

Investment always involves risks, but do not fear them to the point of preventing you from going after your dreams. Remember, whoever risks nothing has nothing.

  1. Become a visionary

To progress, you have to be visionary. This will allow you to set a goal to motivate yourself.

  1. An entrepreneur must keep his feet on the ground

Being a visionary and taking risks does not mean dreaming about things that are impossible to achieve.

  1. Becoming fatalistic

Bad luck exists, but Richard Branson prohibits fatalism. Create your own luck, set up situations that are favorable to you. And if you want, trust your lucky star!

  1. Coping with change

A business must evolve at the pace of society. Impossible to develop while remaining trapped in time!

  1. Work as a team

Entrepreneurs cannot succeed without maintaining relationships with those around them, their partners or customers.

  1. Be a leader, not a boss

Lead your team to victory and success. Be a leader, not an authoritarian leader.

  1. An entrepreneur must be severe and not authoritarian

Be serious and meticulous without becoming a tyrant.

  1. Motivate your team

Stimulate the motivation of those who work with you so that they can feel like a full member of your company.

  1. Go after your dreams

Make every effort to achieve your goals.

  1. An entrepreneur must believe in himself

You can do it, no matter the difficulties! Arm yourself with courage and common sense.

  1. Have fun

From time to time, go out to party and relax. This will save you from being overworked.

  1. Be rigorous

Develop a taste for work well done and details, it will make the difference.

  1. An entrepreneur must persevere

No matter how many times you have to return to the starting point, keep fighting.

  1. A good entrepreneur knows how to get organized

Create a checklist to better organize your work.

  1. Meeting challenges

Do not fear obstacles, challenges will only strengthen you.

  1. Maintaining relationships with the outside world

Do not cut yourself off from the world, stay connected with everything that is happening around you.

  1. Show your values

There will be people who will speak ill of you, prove to them that they are wrong.

  1. An entrepreneur must listen to others

Stay alert to the criticisms of those around you, they can serve you well.

  1. Keep it simple

With success comes wealth, but always keep it simple to keep your humility.

  1. Always have hope

Even if you fail or find it difficult to stand, hope, persevere and work until you get out.

  1. Living

Remember to live, because the world is not just about work.

  1. Be proud of yourself

Take time to admire your achievements. Whether he wins or loses, an entrepreneur must be proud of himself because he fought.

  1. Choose a bigger opponent than you

Be the David who wants to “fight” against his Goliath. Admittedly, it will be more difficult to achieve success, but it will be all the more wonderful.

Richard Branson thus launched into Cola with Virgin Cola, into music publishing with Virgin Record or began to compete with the major airlines with Virgin Atlantic Airways.

Markets that seemed inaccessible, some were (cola) and others were not.

Now the challenge for this entrepreneur is to send passengers into space …

  1. Make yourself stand out!

There are 2 tactics when you start, either do it on the sly and tell yourself that if you “get confused”, few will know it… or by making “noise” to draw attention to yourself.

It is this latter method that Richard Branson recommends, and that is what uses it, in particular by setting the stage when launching each new product or service.

  1. Sell: everything is negotiated.

Often a neglected aspect, but this is how we get the best profits. Whether to buy equipment, buy advertising or sell its services, do not hesitate to force forcing to impose its conditions.

Tips of success from Richard Branson. richard branson, richard branson quotes, richard branson life, richard branson tips for success, richard branson success, richard branson grow business, richard branson,


Walking in the footsteps of already successful people, can reduce the hard work and trial and error out of your struggle. However, no one is a success icon by birth. Achievement of any type is backed but 100s of untiring hard work and sincere efforts for the manifestation of your dreams.

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