8 Tips To Forget Your Past And Move Forward


What compels us to dwell in the past? How might you stall out in the past to the point of overlooking your present and disregarding your future? Also, more critically, how can we escape this behavior.

With regard to overlooking the past and pushing ahead, we generally allude to terrible encounters. You need to overlook your ex, you need to overlook your disappointments, you need to overlook your tragic youth, etc.

In any case, a crippling past that keeps you from pushing ahead may possibly be a brilliant past, an unbelievable past, a past that vouches for your prosperity, your power, and your magnificence.


So here are our tips for overlooking the past, unequivocally!


  1. Forgive for moving forward 

Forgive yourself, forgive others, those who hurt you, those who could not protect you and even those who could help you, but who did nothing. Forgiveness and the watchword!

Why forgive? Because as long as you keep an ounce of hatred, you will be consumed by this negativity and you will not be able to find happiness.


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  1. Open your heart once and for all 

We are often told that we should not talk about the past, but sometimes it is essential to burst the abscess and to say what we have on our hearts to the person concerned or to those who will be able to practice active listening. and caring.

Keeping everything for yourself will not help you free yourself from the burden that weighs so heavily on you and plunges you into an endless whirlwind of sadness and melancholy. So dare to say things, once and for all, in order to advance in your healing process.


  1. Live your sadness, mourn to get better 

Repressing one’s feelings is a fatal error and yet very common. Refusing to feel things and live them as they appear will not be a game-changer. This is why you have to accept your share of sadness, your grief and then get better. Sometimes you have to hit bottom to be able to bounce. And the same goes for your feelings.

Have you lost someone or something close to your heart? Mourn her absence, take the time it will take to accept the new situation, but above all do not make the woman strong by repressing your feelings, because they will come back to haunt you sooner or later.

Important: Certainly, it is essential to grieve in order not to live in the past, but you should not, however, sink into sadness on the pretext that your pain has not passed. You have to work on yourself to tame this pain and eventually tame it.


  1. Accept the change 

Whatever its nature, accept the change. It’s the best way to avoid getting stuck in the past. Yes, it is difficult to see wrinkles appear on a face that was once radiant. It is difficult to fall into anonymity after having tasted fame. To sleep alone in the evening, in a bed once shared with your loved one. It is simply difficult to find yourself at the bottom when you hit the zenith. Tell yourself that this is the natural cycle of life.


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5. Repair the wrongs caused

Can’t seem to let go of your past because you feel guilty for hurting someone? Is this preventing you from moving forward?

Good news: It means that you are a conscientious person. However, your mistakes of the past should not impact your present life.

How do you get rid of that guilt? Simply try to repair the harm that you may have caused, directly or indirectly, by your facts or words.


6. Do not rehash past events

There is a big difference between expressing oneself to relieve oneself and speaking about the past to rehash it.

There is absolutely no point in moving the knife through the wound. Talking about the past to make accusations and reproaches will only make matters worse. So if you feel the need to talk about it with someone, do not do it in a rush and outbursts of anger. Take a step back, breathe and sit calmly to approach the thorny subject in the tone of non-violent communication.


7. Create to live in the present moment

DIY, painting, knitting, drawing, writing: whatever the nature of the activity, be creative. Nobody will judge you on the final rendering of your creations, because the goal of this exercise is not to build a masterpiece, but to anchor yourself in the present moment.

Being creative requires a mental presence and a strong concentration. You will hardly have the time or the presence of mind to think about your past. To ensure the effectiveness of this exercise, be consistent. Allow yourself an hour daily to go about your creative therapeutic work.


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8. Move forward

It may sound cliché, but there is no other way to forget your past than to go ahead. Take the first step towards a better future.

Trust, believe in yourself and what life has in store for you.

In any case, the past is irreversible and the future is unpredictable.

Hence, thinking about things you can’t change or predict is a total wastage of time and energy. Only the present moment matters.





We have all have numerous past memories, both, happy as well as sad. Some of us are successful to overcome this, while others strive hard to forget.

If it is sometimes a matter of simply learning how to manage your emotions, some people categorically refuse to forget and refuse separation.  Forgetting the past to move forward is the theme of the day!

Forget the past because it slows you down,  whether it’s painful or glorious.



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