Boost your mood with motivational songs


According to modern research, music helps in promoting a positive impact on human performance and behavior, affecting our thought patterns and overall mood.

If you are among those individuals who need additional assistance to get up or go for a run, in this article we offer you a rundown of 5 of the most spurring tunes ever.

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Music can help us to feel upbeat, lively, and even energized

Both you and I have those occasions when we are not in the state of mind to do anything and need a little push to move. It’s interesting how one day we can be vigorous and propelled and the following day is just the opposite, dormant and unmotivated. In any case, we have all heard one of those tunes that enter our ears and we don’t see its notes in our throbs.

We have all been in the vehicle and when the tune that we like so much starts. The tune goes through our whole body and causes us to feel extraordinary. Some for their catchy lyrics, others for that guitar “riff” that runs through the veins, and others for their contagious rhythm that invites us to dance, there are highly motivating songs.

Psychology and music

Precisely, this impact of music on our body has spurred the interest of many analysts and scientists to initiate an investigation of the connection between this marvel and our brains.

Among some inquisitive information from some examination, an association between intellectual ability and music has been discovered. More explicitly, it shows a relationship between the melodic tastes that individuals with a high (IQ) tune in to and the music that peoples with a low IQ tune in to.

Brain science has additionally given convincing information concerning the connection between music & individuals’ eating habits and the need to burn relative calories. Because of these disclosures, numerous restaurants select suitable music so the clients enjoy food and thus, eat more and subsequently boost their sales.

Music therapy: it helps to boost mental health

Besides the fact that restaurants are mindful of the advantages of music, emotional well-being and health experts also use music to treat different pathologies. This is what is known as music treatment, a technique that improves the patient’s satisfaction in two different ways: effectively (playing music) or openly (utilizing music, for instance, prompt unwinding).

Logical information on music treatment have demonstrated that this training is valuable both in restoration, schooling, and projects for the improvement of prosperity

The best motivational tunes of the time

Yet, how might we use music in our regular daily existence? Indeed, for instance, to spur ourselves.

In this article, we have arranged the absolute most propelling tunes ever, so you can utilize them at whatever point you need: in the rec center when you wake up at the start of the day when you are debilitated, and so on

We chose these motivational songs because of their ability to inspire hope and create a good mood. The lyrics and the melodies are designed to motivate you. Have fun with the following motivational songs.

01.Bill Conti – Gonna Fly Now (Theme from Rocky)

We owe several entries to this list for good reason to the most famous fictional athlete of all time. His theme from the Oscar-winning “Rocky” from 1977 should not be missing: The motivational song par excellence reached first place in the US Billboard charts and helped the training montage from the accompanying film to a permanent place in popular culture. When the boxer, uniquely embodied by Sylvester Stallone, defies all odds and maintains his faith in himself, leaves the steps in front of the Philadelphia Museum of Art and Bill Conti’s grandiose music reaches its climax, suddenly anything is possible again!

02. Daft Punk – Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

The title leaves very little room for interpretation and indicates the direction of the journey! Accompanied by a terrific music video, the French electro duo unleashed this musical injection of motivation on us in autumn 2001. Six years later, Kanye West sampled the song for “Stronger”, salted it with a pinch of Nietzsche, and, in addition to a number one placement in the USA, also won a Grammy Award for it. Incidentally, not the last success on this stage, as Daft Punk also got the due honor – a live version of their original was also awarded the coveted prize in 2009.

03. Tom Petty – I won’t back down

Due to the unusually clear nature of “I won’t back down”, Tom Petty, who is unfortunately no longer with us, was initially unsure whether he should publish this number, written together with Jeff Lynne (Electric Light Orchestra). Fortunately, he finally did it in 1989! Petty was also supported in the studio by ex-Beatle George Harrison, whose contribution to the guitar created a wonderful hymn to one’s perseverance. In the domestic singles charts, the US rocker climbed to twelfth place with the song.

04. Florence and the Machine – Dog Days Are Over

Sometimes you have to reassure yourself with a bit of emphasis that a certain period of life has now come to an end. If you are looking for the soundtrack for a hopefully self-fulfilling prophecy of this kind, you will find it in the British from Florence and the Machine: “Dog Days Are Over” was the second single from the debut album “Lungs” and was released for the first time in autumn 2008. The infectiously encouraging number is Since then it has not been used in many commercials and film trailers or as part of sporting events for a reason! The song was most successful in the United States, where it went four times platinum.

05. Elton John – I’m Still Standing

Sir Elton Hercules John, reportedly himself stated that this hit (one of his greatest, which is not also a ballad) was a direct reaction to his continued success: while other established artists were overtaken by new trends in the early 1980s threatened, the shrill Brit remained relevant and was happy about it on this 1983 single. It owed its international chart placements, among other things, to the music video filmed in Cannes – even if its creation seemed at times endangered by a drinking bout with Duran Duran.


The right music can make all the difference when you’re trying to be productive. Maybe you want to be able to concentrate better on work? Listen to some of our motivational songs beforehand and your work will be easier for you.

The right songs can easily change our mood. Listening to music is a great way to straighten up and get back on your feet.



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