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20 Lady Gaga Quotes That Will Encourage You

An astounding artist inspired by rock artists like David Bowie and Freddie Mercury, she owns an extraordinary style. Haus Of Gaga, a production house owned

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15 Quotes By Wayne Gretzky To Work Harder On Your Goals

Wayne Gretzky is a professional Canadian ice hockey player and is also former head coach. From 1979-1999 he has played 20 seasons for 4 teams

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15 The Shawshank Redemption Quotes On Freedom and Hope

The Shawshank Redemption is an American movie which is written by Frank Darabont based on the story of Stephen King. This movie is about the

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20 Inspirational Helen Keller Quotes on Happiness And Purpose

Disability and impairment can be hard to live with but cannot be a reason to be unsuccessful and laid back. There is a Sufi saying,

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20 Tyrion Lannister Quotes With Wisdom

Peter Hayden Dinklage is an American actor and producer. Dinklage received universal acclaim for portraying Tyrion Lannister on the HBO television series Game of Thrones,

15 Top Jim Carry Inspiring Quotes – Millionaire Mind

Jim Carrey is now known as one of the best comedians to appear on the big screen, but he didn’t always have it easy. When

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