Four Important Life Lessons By The Billionaire Jim Koch – Life Coach.

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Four important life lessons by the life coach – Jim Koch

Jim Koch, a man who is behind the beer and he is earning $1 Billion annually. Jim Koch is an author, a passionate entrepreneur and a beer lover. He left his business in wall street to start his own beer company. A man who has been passionate about beer for a long time and now this dream of his became true and now he is among the world’s rich people.

One of his books “ Quench Your Own Thirst” is more than enough to teach you the best lessons of life.

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Here are 4 lessons by Jim Koch:

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  1. Do what you love:

Do what you love is base to start working on your dream because when you love what you want to do, you will do it wholeheartedly and it will not become a burden for you. Jim Koch is a live example for us, his dream was to manufacture and beer company and he worked hard for it and make it happen. He had quit his high paying job, also a business and he has also a law degree from Harvard. Above all these things his dream was only to start selling beer and start a company.

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2. Career wanderings are normal:


“When you make a decision to climb a mountain, your either aim is to reach the top or do not climb at all”. The is one of the best lessons Jim Koch got from the mountaineering phase of his life after spending his three years as an outward instructor and in mountaineering across America. His father got against him when his father knew that Jim wants to start a beer company but Jim did not give up and followed his heart until he reached to the success point and showed the world how it is done and proved himself in establishing a high-end beer brand, earning around $1 Billion annually.

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3. Where there is a will, there is a way

Jim Koch was a Law student and had good knowledge about the law but he was not a good salesman. He decided it would be better to sell out stock to the companies but it did not work for him and he got rejected by the companies with the excuse that market was not ready to buy high-end beer. After enough tries, he thought to get a wholesalers license and leased a truck to hit the bars with a marketing strategy. After starting these people started loving it and the response was great.

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4. Don’t leave it on tomorrow, do it today:

A lesson that was given by an incident to Jim about don’t leave it for tomorrow, do it today was one of the friends of Jim Koch texted him and told him that he will this particular work on Monday, but the friend died of heart attack on Sunday itself, and it left back a lesson for Jim. Jim learned that Monday’s or tomorrows never come and one should complete a specific or particular task as soon as possible. Life is too short to give a delay to your work. Finish it as you have got ASAP. Implement time in a better way. The one, who comes first, gets first.

Conclusion: Jim Koch life teaches that if you have a dream and you love it, do it and follow your heart. Along with it, you may face challenges but there is always a way out but you have to keep moving forward and at last, whatever your work is, don’t leave it for tomorrow, do it today.


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