How To Be Successful And Achieve Everything You Want

How to be successful and achieve everything you want

Everyone wants to be successful  but few are willing to hunt

Success is not an overnight thing but one should keep in mind that everything is possible when we are dedicated and committed to the dream we want to achieve. Many successful people right now have been gone through a lot and then they reached somewhere to show the world that with hard work everything can be achieved.

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Tips one should keep in mind to achieve the goals:


1. Commitment:

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First things to achieve your goals needs commitment. You need more commitment than you need motivation. Commitment needs the sacrifice of many things in order to achieve your dream. When you see you’re fully committed to the things you want to achieve, motivation will follow and nothing can stop you to achieve anything. You will become unstoppable and will hunt your dreams no matter how hard it goes.


2. Seek Knowledge, Not Results:
See you should remember that seeking knowledge and getting results are two different sides of a coin. If you keep your focus on improving, discovery, exploring and experimenting, you motivational energy will always be fueled. But if you keep the focus on results more, your motivation will keep changing like the weather. So key to success is to focus on your journey not on results because to be successful you need to keep moving forward and you need to fit one thing in mind that no matter what I have to go through everything and make this happen.

3. Make your journey Fun:

The journey to success should be fun having because if you make it more serious, it can become heavy emotional weight and you can lose perspective and become stuck again. You have to get successful but you have to keep mind that doing your work should be like fun so that there would be no burden like situation.


4. Get Rid Of Stagnating thoughts:

Thoughts are powerful, so it’s very necessary for you where to focus and where not. Thoughts influence feelings and feelings determine how you see your work. There are many thoughts on your head, and you have always a choice which ones to focus on. Such thoughts which make you emotional or give your negative thoughts like giving up, lazy, fears, doubts and more should be ignored and the ones that will move you forward ( Excitement, trying different and new things, experimenting) etc are the things to be counted and be focused.


5. Use your imagination:

Imagination Is Better Than KnowledgeAlbert Einstien 


Leaving the negative thought and start imagining things differently. When you see everything is going good, you will find yourself full of positive energy, and when you see or experience difficulties, you need to be even more positive that time so that negativity will not come around you. Imagine that you are going to achieve that no matter what. You will always learn even from the most boring job or from a worst boss.


6. Stop Being Nice To Yourself:

If you want to be successful you need to be hard on yourself, you need to leave the comfort zone and start hustling and moving forward. Every successful person in this world has struggled a lot before achieving their dreams. Sometimes your actions fail to bring the results you want. So you try to nice to yourself and not want to put yourself in a difficult situation and want to wait for perfect timing, but that is not how things work, you got to get out there, challenge yourself and do something you want to do even if you are afraid.


7. Get Rid Of Distraction:

Meaningless things and the people who do not help you to level up should be ignored if you really want to move on in your life and want to be successful. You need to keep people around you who have dreams like you otherwise there would be no growth. Learn to focus on things which are more important to achieve your dreams. If you see yourself wasting your time, write down them and hold yourself accountable not to do them again.

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8. Don’t Rely On Others:

If you want something, don’t expect someone would come and get it for you. It’s your life, your dreams, and only you can get what you want. So you don’t have to rely on others. If you do so then you can’t reach your goal. No one will make you happy, you have to do everything on your own.


9. Plan:

A plan is very important to make your journey successful. Fill out your weekly calendar and keep a note about the thing what needs to done when and how. When-what-how is important for your plan.

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10. Protect Yourself From Burnout:
It’s easy to work like a boss when you are fully fueled or motivated. But you should keep in mind with work there should be rest of mind, fun so that the work you do will not become boring. Switch yourself into different things or stuff like taking a deep breath, close your eyes, meditate and other positive things.


Conclusion: If you lack motivation, it’s not because you are lazy or don’t have a goal. You just be curious about what you want and love what you do. Even the biggest successful people in the world are sometimes lost. But their curiosity makes them standing still on it and they reach their goals and achieve them.



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