How To Boost Your Self-confidence


Self-confidence is an attitude towards yourself. This attitude allows you to move forward day by day, and achieve your goals. To put it more simply, it’s the right balance between optimism and realism.

Below are some tips to boost your confidence level:

The 5 Foolproof Tips to Help You Leave Your Comfort Zone and Boost Your Self-Confidence

Now that we have seen how to get rid of habits that undermine self-confidence, we will see the concrete things to do to have confidence in concrete without taking the lead! It’s very simple, it’s like developing your endurance capacities in running or cycling, you gradually increase the distance covered. We do split work, we set realistic goals, we get coached, etc.

The 5 Foolproof Tips to Help You Leave Your Comfort Zone and Boost Your Self-Confidence

1 – Overcome your fears in small steps to achieve self-confidence

What keeps you out of your comfort zone is usually the fear of the unknown. What you need to know is that people who have high self-confidence are not free from fear. But somehow they learned to live with it. Likewise, you should gradually desensitize yourself to situations that make you feel afraid.

Make a list of all your fears. Start with concrete situations in which you feel apprehensive or that scare you. Then group them by themes or type of situation; and rank them by putting the ones that worry you least first.

2 – Set small realistic goals to build self-confidence

Most methods of personal development require you to dream big, to set ambitious goals that motivate you, and not to limit yourself to small goals on the pretext that you are at the beginning of your path.

All of this is fair and effective … unless you have low self-confidence. In which case this approach will be inhibiting. Because the challenge will seem insurmountable, you will feel overwhelmed by the obstacles to overcome, and you will quickly give up with even lower self-esteem.

In fact, yes you have to dream, and I encouraged you to do it with your dream board, but if you lack self-confidence, see it as a dream, the expression of your desires, of your dream life TOWARDS which you decide to go. Setting a direction does not necessarily mean setting a goal.

On the other hand, you will set yourself intermediate objectives in this direction, which will be small and realistic, starting from your current situation and your current skills.

3 – Get out of your comfort zone

When we talk about getting out of our comfort zone, we think we need to do something new. But we realize when we set this kind of objective that generally we take things that we had already thought of and which are not so different from what we know. You can easily choose something new in a familiar field.

For example, if I regularly cycle for one or two hours, I can say to myself, “Well, I’ve never done more than 100 km in one go, let’s do this, it will get me out of my comfort zone”. But it’s actually about doing more, not about doing something completely new.

So you have to set a goal of doing something exotic, something different from your temperament.

Get out of your comfort zone

4 – Engage in new relationships

New relationships necessarily lead to new experiences. There are new topics of conversation, new perspectives, new perspectives, new ideas, … Each of us has different life experiences and each of us has interesting stories to tell.

When you enter into relationships with people from different universes, you are bound to learn things from them. Open up to different cultures, to different opinions. You are going to get out of a form of mental routine in which we vegetate when we always hang out with people from the same environment. Admittedly, staying in a familiar universe reassures you when you have low self-confidence, but that does not develop it… And I did not write this guide to help you “deal with” low self-confidence, but you build self-confidence in hardened steel!

5 – Practice independence to consolidate self-confidence

If you want to explore new things and get the most out of them for your self-confidence, try doing them alone. Surely, hiring a friend in a new field of experience is more comfortable. But it’s a shame for your self-confidence because you will not feel the same things, nor be able to fully attribute the result of your progress.

Likewise, if you usually have someone accompany you when you go to a party when you don’t know many people, don’t do it anymore and see what happens. You will see that it increases the opportunities to mix with people and meet new people.

It’s like traveling when you explore a country by backpacker, it makes a huge difference if you are alone or with others. People of themselves will come to you more easily if you are alone, invite you to their homes, etc. Maybe it’s our mammalian instinct to take care of isolated people… Of course, we experience this phenomenon less in our sanitized and individualistic western countries, but in poor countries, people come to take care of you, question you, offer hospitality.


When a person has this self-confidence, he is in full control of his life. He knows what he wants and ultimately gets it. Self-confidence knows how to be fair in your expectations of life, and at the same time knowing when it is necessary to fight when you encounter obstacles. It is often said that self-confidence is the most valuable skill you can have.

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