How to have a good relationship with yourself


“Loving yourself is the beginning of a love story that will last a lifetime”.

Oscar Wilde


Perhaps you have already read or heard these quotes that make us love ourselves before considering a love affair with someone. Why? Because the love we give to ourselves allows us to be more in harmony with ourselves, with our choices and our way of living.




How to love yourself?


It is all very well to want to love yourself, but how do we do it? When I started wanting to love myself, I did research on the Internet and everything said that you had to take care of yourself first. I had no idea what it meant so I was groped there. I started by taking a bath. Then I put cream on my body. I painted my nails … and many other things that still did not fill this huge void that I felt in myself. So to avoid losing as much time as I have wasted, I will tell you right away how we take care of ourselves.

Loving yourself means learning to treat yourself as a loving parent would treat their child.

To fully live this state of inner peace and harmony with the outside, it is necessary to be in letting go, in a state of mind open to the present moment, and not to focus on what worries you.



Avoid bad relationships

But to go beyond the love of you, if you want to be fulfilled in your life and maintain good relationships with others, follow these 7 tracks to improve your relationship with yourself and with others.



Improve your relationship with yourself and others

Self-love is like planting a little seed inside of you and taking care of it a little every day to see it grow. At first, you will not always see the efforts it makes to grow its roots underground. But by dint of giving it care, water and light, you will see it grow little by little. And one day, without knowing how your little seed will produce pretty flowers that everyone will admire.


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What is the link between serenity and relationship with oneself?

Developing and cultivating serenity makes it easier to relate to yourself and promotes harmonious relationships with others. This is what fuels the need for connection and communication which are pillars of well-being at work.

But to have good relationships with others, you must above all learn to love yourself, and have a good relationship with yourself because we behave with others as we do with ourselves:


Listen to yourself with kindness

To congratulate and encourage yourself

Take care of your needs and wants

To question ourselves

Why have a good relationship with yourself?

Identifying how one is to oneself and being in benevolence allows one to practice self-compassion which is one of the pillars of serenity.

Developing this state improves the way we communicate with ourselves and our relationship with our being. The result will be beneficial for your relationships at work and will bring you great satisfaction in your communication.



What is your relationship with yourself? How do you like yourself?


1 – With negligence

You put others before you. You have trouble identifying your needs and your desires, you are content with little and you neglect your own needs. You see concern and self-care as self-centeredness.

How to evolve? Make appointments with yourself, listen to yourself and become aware of yourself, your needs and do things for yourself. Learn to recognize your merits, receive compliments and value yourself.


2 – With intransigence

Your attention is rarely focused on your strengths but rather on your weaknesses and failures. For you, it is zero tolerance and you do not spend anything on your emotional and professional entourage. Your self-esteem fluctuates based on your results. You also find it difficult to please yourself.


How to evolve? Cease to judge yourself intransigent and learn to cultivate kindness towards yourself and know how to appreciate your talents and successes. Give more room to pleasure in your daily life instead of performance.

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3 – With complacency

You easily find excuses or good reasons to justify behaviors that you are accused of. Questioning and introspection do not concern you. The critics do not reach you and you do not try to learn from your failures.

How to evolve? Open up to others and pay better attention to criticism. Learn to question yourself about who you are and what you do, know how to listen to the benevolent advice given by your loved ones to improve your behavior.


4 – With kindness

You know how to listen to yourself and others. You know your strengths and weaknesses. Your self-esteem is stable and enriched according to your mistakes and your successes.


To evolve? Kindness is cultivated every day because it is never definitively acquired. An unhealthy situation can quickly tip us into a less good relationship with ourselves.





Self-esteem, a source of self-confidence, is a process that is nourished and cultivated throughout life. A bit like our seed which turns into a pretty flower, cultivating our esteem and our love will transform it.

Many studies show how self-esteem is at the heart of the performance. Good self-esteem provides more kindness, lucidity, self-awareness and is an invitation to accept and surpass yourself.




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