Mind Your Manners – You Are Under Surveillance

Mind Your manners.

Manners are the best way to recognize someone and yes you are under surveillance and there is no way you can ignore it. On a daily basis, if you cannot get it but you should know one thing people are watching up 24*7. Everything you do, everything you say, everything you wear is being noticed. What you see is not how it looks like. Everything about you says a lot about your personality and the type of person you actually are.


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Here are the few things you should be serious about and should enhance your overall presence in the society


Some main points when t comes to manner


Dressing Sense


Yes, you hear it right, dressing well is a form of good manners and you should get rid of the boring stuff you wear and life is very short to stick there. Here you should know that dressing well or good clothes does not mean branded or expensive clothes, it means well fitted and comfortable attire. Your dressing sense reveals a lot about your personality and your taste whether you are in public or in any party people are looking at you and you should know that is how you give a good impression. Dress well in order to make a good and long-lasting impression.

dressing manner


You never know about the person who is sitting next to you what he is thinking and assuming about you. You may have less collection of clothes but it should be well fitted and should enhance your presence.



Mind Your Language


You should keep in mind that how to talk with elders and yes, we should respect our elders. Everyone does, but the character which actually showcases your etiquette is the way you communicate or talk with everyone else. How you communicate with other people and with the person from different age group shows a lot about you. Keep your communication with full of manners is the best way to earn the love and respect. The way of talking, a gesture of a person helps one to know the manners of the person.





A person who is always punctual is liked by everyone. Everybody respects and loves the person who has really known the value of time. Time is valuable for everyone but one should respect your timing as well as others too. Being punctual is a quality of a gentleman. So be like a gentleman and respect everyone’s time.




Eating Properly


Eating properly is also a form of good manner. One should avoid much or unnecessarily talk while eating.  Try not to make that chewing noise with your mouth which will make feel others uncomfortable. If you have any bad habits while you eat, start controlling them and gradually when you keep controlling it on daily basis, one day that habit will get disappear from your life.




Right Vocabulary


Once your words come out of your mouth, you do not own them, so make sure the words come from your mouth will not hurt anybody. Always think twice before you speaking that what wise people do. A person who uses bad language or foul language while taking makes a bad impression.  Your words impress people accordingly. One should talk and behave properly and use good words to others irrespective of their age group. One should never talk bad behind other back, it is the worst thing you can ever do to someone.

mind your manner, manners, mannerful, how to make good manners, change your manners, dressing sense, how to dress well, dressing well is form of good manners,



Conclusion: Always be in a manner, no matter what. Your behavior, talking, dressing sense, everything matter and everybody is watching it and that is how you make an impression that can be good or a bad it’s up to you.  



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