One Thought Can Change A Life


Can we teach creativity?


Each new thought is like a little electric storm that runs through our whole brain. No one has ever seen a thought, but their power is infinite: it is they who build our vision of the world, it is they who give us new emotions, it is they who transform our reality.

There are many articles with evocative names, which suggest that we increase the power of our minds and become more intelligent, through an editorial line that is more esoteric than scientific. Their authors forget that neuroscience already offers us new answers and perspectives that can allow us to better understand the mechanisms that direct the functioning of our brain.




Notions like neurogenesis and neuroplasticity have already allowed us to move forward in the study of the adult brain since we previously thought that it stopped generating new nerve cells from a certain age. Our thoughts are weapons with infinite powers, they are the ones that create new bridges, yet they generate new connections in our brain, allowing us to upset the map of our emotions and the thread of our existence.



Your thought makes your own reality


Thanks to the constant advancement of diagnostic techniques, such as computerized tomography, great advances have been made in understanding how our brain works. We finally know, for example, how thoughts are generated. Let’s take an example: when we look at a red balloon and our retina picks up on this characteristic, information is sent via structures such as the geniculate nucleus or the pre-sorted cortex.


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“We are all born original, before becoming copies. “


If we close our eyes and someone asks us to think about the color red, as amazing as it may seem, our brain will activate exactly the same structures. That is to say, he performs exactly the same activities when he sees and when he feels. This hardly believable information obliges the whole scientific community, but also every human being, to ask the same question: if for the brain, there is no difference between what I say and what I think, where find the authentic reality?

It is at this precise moment that the relative field of the concept of the quantum mind can intervene, but we will leave this thematic aside to concentrate on things more useful, more concrete. Our reality is formed by things as banal as they are powerful: our emotions, on which our thoughts act as real catalysts. To better understand this subject, we will illustrate it with examples from our daily life.



What is thought?

A thought is a determined chemical formula, accompanied by an electrical impulse. It is a definition as sad as it is fascinating. Each time we think, our nerve cells connect through our synapses, thereby transmitting determined biochemistry.


We know that thoughts generate emotions. When they send a message to our hippocampus, this organ takes care of translating it into a series of neuropeptides, through the pituitary gland. Then these neuropeptides are released into the blood and generate a whole series of reactions in our body.

Little by little, the following thing can happen: if our brain is used to receiving a certain type of emotion, it can start to create patterns of thought. This is exactly what happens with stress: we are sometimes so overwhelmed with a given emotion (fear) that we lose control and end up living in a reality in which we cannot identify us.


one thought can change your life. thought change, how to change thoughts, negative thoughts, how to get rid of negative thoughts, positive thoughts,


What type of reality do you prefer?

It’s not about being smarter or aspiring to improve our IQ overnight. But simply to be able to create a reality that is more suited to our needs, our personal characteristics and our right to be happy.


“The reality is still there, what matters is your perception. “

-Diego Dillenberg-


To achieve this, we must be aware of one thing: our reality is shaped by our state of mind, by the weight of our memories, our interpretations, and our thoughts. Some people spend their whole lives in a tunnel. Their reality is so narrow that they are unable to see all the wonderful things that life has to offer.


We must learn to see the world in panoramic and technicolor, we must believe in a larger reality. We will explain how.



Our thoughts and neurogenesis


Neurogenesis is our natural ability to generate new nerve cells. If in 1928, Santiago Ramón y Cajal affirmed that ”  everything can die, nothing can regenerate “, this sentence can now seem false to us if we study closely the faculties of our brain, this fabulous architect of our reality.


It is important to keep in mind that, in the first place, the worst enemy of our brain is stress. It is able to completely modify its internal structure, to reduce our neuronal connectivity, as well as the volume of our hippocampus.

We must be better managers of our inner world and keep in mind that it is our thoughts that govern it. A few questions can help us do this better. How do I want to feel? Do I feel good at the moment? What are the things that concern me? What can I do to resolve them?

Internal, firm, courageous and optimistic dialogue can help us channel most of our negative thoughts.

Keep in mind that physical exercise is an exceptional way to promote neurogenesis. By oxygenating your brain and increasing your production of endorphins, you will be able to combat the stress that prevents you from generating new nerve cells.

You can also change some of your habits to change your thoughts. Breaking from a certain routine, daring to launch yourself into new things, practicing new disciplines or meeting new stimulating people are good behaviors for your brain and your state of mind.

Finally, we must not forget the fabulous effects of meditation on our brains. This practice allows us to harmonize our body and our spirit. Its effects on our emotional world are spectacular. It allows in particular to produce more Alfa and Gamma waves, which generate better neuronal connectivity.




We are the architects of our reality. We must never forget that neutral thoughts do not exist, that they can all create something. It is up to us to decide whether we want their creations to be scary, or wonderful.


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