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20 Lady Gaga Quotes That Will Encourage You

An astounding artist inspired by rock artists like David Bowie and Freddie Mercury, she owns an extraordinary style. Haus Of Gaga, a production house owned

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4 Examples Of Entrepreneurs Who Show That You Can Start From Scratch And Succeed

Under the motto across the Atlantic of “self-made men”, many entrepreneurs have succeeded without having the basic financial means. Starting from nothing, they imposed themselves

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Professional basketball player, Kobe Bryant was born on August 23, 1978, in Pennsylvania, in Philadelphia. A high school student, Kobe Bryant was quickly spotted by

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7 Habits To Unblock Success – Millionaire Mind

Succeeding in life depends on your habits, especially your thinking habits. I will even go further by telling you about the story that you tell

8 tips to forget you past and move forward, move forward, forget your past, how to forget past, past memories, how to move forward in life, change attitude, stop complaining, work on yourself,

8 Tips To Forget Your Past And Move Forward

What compels us to dwell in the past? How might you stall out in the past to the point of overlooking your present and disregarding

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15 Quotes By Wayne Gretzky To Work Harder On Your Goals

Wayne Gretzky is a professional Canadian ice hockey player and is also former head coach. From 1979-1999 he has played 20 seasons for 4 teams

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