Success Story Of Albert Einstein

Success Story of Albert Enistine

Albert Einstein was a German-born physicist, who has given a theory of relativity, quantum mechanics and a lot more. His work is known as an influence on the philosophy of science.

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“Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere”

Albert Einstein

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Albert Einstein, a man who could not read when the child and he did not speak until three years of age and it took him many years to be able to speak. He was struggling until he was seven as he could not read. Having a speaking and reading problem, many people suspected him of being retarded.

It has been told that whenever he was asked any question by the teacher, he would just answer silently like a moment of the lips and he used to took very long time to give an answer that could come slowly from his mouth. The fact was that many people believed that Einstein would never succeed at anything.

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Albert Einstein faced criticism and difficulties at every turn. He did not give it on his higher education, he later applied to Swiss Federal Institute of technology but failed in the entrance exam and he had to do it a second time and then got an admission into the school. The school rejected his doctoral dissertation and called it fanciful. And he came back to haunt them years later when his success, intelligence, and brilliance were evident to the entire world.

After he finished his graduation from college, he got a job as a clerk in a legal protection office. He used to say that I like this job because this job is mindless and allowed him to get free time to study and research the scientific theories where he was more interested. He started his job but it did not go well for him as he was full absent-minded. It is also said that Albert Einstein often forgets simple things such as making sure he put on his socks before shoes,. It is also said that he wants misplaced day payroll check because he uses it as a bookmark in his research.

With all of Albert Einstein’s setback and rejection from public and education, he continued his studies and keep experimenting with different things and working on theories. His great talent came in front of scientific community and world when among his one of the first theories the special theory of relativity was published. Even after that many scientists around the world ridiculed him and attacked him by calling his theories worthless and useless, and also by saying that Albert Einstein does not have a logical mind.

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Later Einstein went on to become a professor at the University in Zurich and later he showed to the world about his talent, work and cleared all doubts and proved the scientists wrong who ridiculed him.

And in 1921 Albert Einstein with his brilliant mind won the Nobel Prize in physics.

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Conclusion:  Albert Einstein had suffered a lot in life from childhood but he never gave up on his dream and keep moving forward with his passion. No matter how many people told him mindless, crazy and mocked him but he still did not mind and tried to prove them wrong and at last he won the world and proved everybody wrong in the room.

So follow your passion without even thinking or caring what others will say. If you believe in yourself and your dream that everything is possible for you to achieve.


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